Benefits Of Dyno Tuning

Perks Of Tuning

Here are some of the benefits of custom dyno tuning:

  • Increased power and torque
  • Enhanced engine response
  • Greater torque spread
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Maximum safety and reliability

A periodical visit to the Tunehouse dyno can also check and log the performance of your car, check your speedometer for accuracy, diagnose faults in real time, replicate real world conditions and perform new engine run-in procedures.

The Tunehouse dyno is also often booked for motor sport research and development and is used extensively during the testing of all Tunehouse performance & motor sport parts as well as all of our performance upgrade kits.


Our Philosophy

We often hear of stories about workshops using the same maps and settings across many different cars. This can’t possibly be any further from the Tunehouse philosophy – every single upgrade performed at Tunehouse is 100% custom tuned on the dyno to ensure the best possible results every time. This is the essence of custom tuning! It isn’t until you make these changes with a view to improving performance do you know if you’ve got the best results for your client.

Call Tunehouse to discuss your needs today. The Tunehouse dyno has seen all kinds of cars grace it’s hubs including open wheeler race cars, drag cars, circuit racers as well as good old V8 muscle cars. At Tunehouse we specialise in tuning virtually all makes and models, including carburetor and EFI systems.

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