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Suspension Upgrades

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Suspension upgrades 

Some would argue the most important aspect of your car’s performance and safety is the tyre – if that is the case, as the reason suspension is there is to keep the tyres in contact with the road then you can’t ignore its role. At Tunehouse we know that the dynamic behaviour of a car is critical to the feel, safety and performance that car can deliver you. Keeping your suspension in top condition is critical to safety, and if feel and performance is your goal then Tunehouse also has the solutions to transform almost any car. From a cosmetic ride height change to a tailored handling package, Tunehouse has you covered!

Like all things in life, you get what you pay for – but in suspension terms, this does not mean you need to spend a lot to get a lot. At Tunehouse we work alongside many of the world’s most advanced and highly regarded suspensions suppliers to ensure the products and solutions we recommend to our customers offer the same uncompromising quality we have here. We also know through training with these suppliers and our own development at the track and road we can delivery expert advice, repairs and solutions for everything from basic road going cars through to competitive motorsport. The enthusiasm for all things automotive filters down into the work we do every day and it is this guarantee of craftsmanship and quality that give our clients the Tunehouse difference.


Swaybars or Anti Roll Bars

Most modern cars are fitted with sway bars (otherwise known as anti roll bars) from the factory. Their function is to minimize body roll under cornering forces. Like most parts fitted to production cars, they are a compromise of safety, comfort and control and this can usually be improved on depending on a customer’s more specific requirements. A Tunehouse recommended swaybar upgrade can reduce body roll, improve comfort with less movement in corners and improve overall grip – all without compromising the drive ability or ride quality.

Alignment Products including Camber and Castor Solutions

Your vehicle suspension is mounted to your car at a number of points – usually with a rubber or liquid filled bushing of some type. The positioning of these mounts, as well as the material used were no doubt chosen by the manufacturer as a compromise of safety, control and cost. Often there are products that Tunehouse can recommend, supply and fit that will:

  • Allow less dynamic change of alignment setting or deflection under load
  • Allow adjustment, or extra adjustment of settings such as camber or castor
  • Offer improved grip through lift and dive characteristics under load and braking
  • Improve resistance to body roll through front end steering geometry
  • Provide better and more precise feedback through the steering wheel


Chassis and Body Bracing

Strut bracing and chassis bracing serve to reduce flex in your car’s body, meaning your alignment settings are maintained and every one of your other suspension components become much more efficient. A Tunehouse recommended strut brace or underbody brace will offer improved turn in, greeter steering feedback and precision. A pleasant side effect of fitting extra bracing from new is less creaks in your car as it ages too – the car feels newer for longer!


Tunehouse carry and recommend a range of different coilover solutions for almost any purpose and vehicle. A correctly selected and fitted set of coilovers will offer significant improvements in performance over factory shock absorbers. Like all parts on your car, the factory shocks are fitted as a compromise of safety, control and cost. By comparison, the technology within quality coilovers offer massive improvements in control & response and often adjustment for different driving styles (such as a road car being taken to the track). The ride height is adjustable allowing a range of different adjustments and even tuning for correct corner weight.

Corner Weighing

With adjustable coilovers fitted to your vehicle, you are able to adjust individual ride heights – but the original purpose of this feature was the ability to set the individual weights at each corner of the car. Often just millimeters of ride height change can significantly alter the weight distribution of a car and it’s dynamic handling (the way in which the weight shifts under load). A Tunehouse corner weight balance can improve the feel of even a basic road car and can potentially shave a second per lap when taken to the track.

At Tunehouse, we have years of experience setting clients and workshop cars up for the street, strip and track. We can advise, supply and fit a large range of products taking out the guess work for you in the process saving you time and money. For the best advice and pricing call Tunehouse now on (02) 9557 4000 or email us at [email protected].

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