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Braking systems

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Brake Systems

Often forgotten, brakes should form an integral part of any performance upgrade. At Tunehouse we understand the importance of the brake system and use only the top quality, tried and proven brands for our brake upgrades. Whether you are considering an upgrade for your street car for improved safety and driver enjoyment or looking for reduced lap times and greater consistency and reliability at the track and when racing, Tunehouse has the solution for you and your project.

At Tunehouse we are either partnered directly with or can source the best brake system upgrade parts in the industry. Through these relationships, Tunehouse delivers the best in terms of support, advice and results.



Upgraded Rotors

There are a couple of keys components in the braking system that can’t be overlooked – the brake rotors, or brake discs are one of them. Not all rotors are created equal and a Tunehouse recommended upgraded set of rotors will offer more consistent braking, significantly more resistance to brake fade and be more resilient under harsh conditions. Apart from maximising stopping power, a Tunehouse recommended and fitted rotor upgrade will;

  • Provide better cooling (heat is the enemy of braking systems)
    • Allows the gas to escape (gas is burnt pad/rotor material) allowing maximum pad contact
    • Improved wet weather braking, allowing water and debris to be removed
    • Provide a de-glazing effect to pads, further improving consistency
    • Offer significantly more operating life

Upgraded Brake Pads

Your factory brake pads (like many factory fitted parts on your car) are selected at a compromise of safety, control and price. And like most systems on your car, a Tunehouse recommended upgrade in this department can reap significant rewards. Brake pads are generally designed to work within a certain heat range. More to the point, if you work a brake pad outside it’s designated heat range, you will quickly find reduced braking performance or a pad that will self destruct, often damaging the rotors and even spoiling brake fluid. A Tunehouse recommended brake pad upgrade will have you pulling up faster, more often and with less compromise.

Quality Brake Fluid

Often overlooked, brake fluid is critical to braking performance. An upgrade to Tunehouse recommended brake fluid can offer a more confident and precise brake pedal, more consistent stopping when it matters and improved overall braking performance. Allowing less compression within the lines, a quality brake fluid will transfer more braking effort from your foot into the brake calipers stopping you earlier. Brake fluid is hygroscopic meaning it soaks up water, ultimately reducing braking performance over time – poor quality fluid or old fluid can accentuate this problem. Using quality fluid and swapping it out regularly will ensure optimal braking performance for your vehicle at all times.

Upgraded Brake Lines

An upgrade from factory rubber brake hoses to a Tunehouse recommended set of quality stainless steel braided lines will give you a better brake pedal feel and improve overall braking performance when you need it! Factory hoses are usually made of rubber, allowing swelling and expansion under braking requiring more pedal effort to stop your car. Fitting the right upgraded lines to your car will eliminate this wasted energy, transferring more braking effort from your foot into brake calipers. There are many types of upgraded lines available. Some are designed for motorsport use and some for daily road use. Bring in your car to us to ensure you fit a Tunehouse recommended upgraded set for the best and safest results.

Upgraded Brake Calipers – Big Brake Kits

When you have reached the limits of the factory braking hardware, the only solution is a big brake kit. The size of your rotor, design of your caliper and surface area of your brake pads determine the amount of mechanical advantage you have to pull up your car. Once you have tapped out the factory resources, a big brake kit from Tunehouse can offer increased rotor size, larger more rigid calipers allowing more energy transfer and overall improved heat dissipation and a larger, more suitable range of brake pad compounds to suit your application. Not always requiring a wheel upgrade, a big brake kit or caliper upgrade will pull you up better every time.




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