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About Tunehouse

Tunehouse is a Sydney-based performance workshop specialising in wide span vehicle servicing, maintenance and performance enhancements, with particular emphasis on late model vehicles. We offer all types of automotive services in Sydney, and are well known within performance, fleet servicing and automotive circles in Australia.

Tunehouse technicians can provide you with a one stop shop for servicing and repairs to carry out manufacturer’s handbook services without losing your new car warranty.

Tunehouse is led by managing director/owner, tuner and head diagnostician Jim Ghelis. Jim boasts over 25 years of trade, race and tuning knowledge grafted from real experience, study and research – both locally and internationally. The combined knowledge base and clinical workshop practice is what gives Tunehouse more than just an edge over the competition.

“Performance motor sport engineering encompasses an ability to produce, modify and create vehicles of a high calibre. Synonymous with this is an ability to then demonstrate the potential of this performance work on the race-track.”

Tunehouse exemplifies this ethos and carries this philosophy through to basic servicing and customer service. Tunehouse delivers outstanding service, performance and reliability in every aspect of its business and trade practice.











Everyone at Tunehouse is a  car enthusiast that loves what they do. We look after all types of cars – race cars, prestige, performance, classic, fleet and family cars. We offer a full range of mechanical services, including dyno-tuning, new car warranty servicing, performance accessories, modifications and all types of mechanical repairs.

We are specialists in both EFI and carburetor servicing. Our customers range from families who trust us with the safety of their most precious cargo of all, through to performance enthusiasts and racers as well as prestige and exotic vehicle owners with the most discerning expectations.

We take enormous pride in our workshop and great care with all of our customer’s cars. We challenge you to find a cleaner, more organised mechanical service, repair and performance centre anywhere in Australia. We invite you to come in, have a coffee and inspect the shop for yourself at anytime.



Tunehouse Philosophy

Inspired by core values such as honesty, quality precision in engineering and craftsmanship, we strive to exceed client expectations in everything we do. This is underlined by the first class team that bring Tunehouse visions to life. This is not merely a job for us – this is what we love. When passion meets exceptional craftsmanship, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Whether it be a comprehensive performance upgrade or a regular service Tunehouse will provide you with the same uncompromising levels of excellence.



Tunehouse seeks to be recognised internationally for defining the standards of performance, service and innovation in the performance tuning and aftermarket servicing industries while adding value to the brand through the development of a motor sport heritage.



The Tunehouse mission is to be a world class performance and tuning shop. A multi-functional organisation that includes a commitment to professional training services, technical development and brand management functions for the aftermarket automotive industry.

Tunehouse aims to develop highly trained and passionate staff as well as deliver ground breaking levels of performance, service and innovation to our  customers and suppliers alike.

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