General & Fleet Service

General Services

We know how to look after your most precious asset – your family’s safety. We have a very clean and tidy workshop we view this direct reflection on the quality of our work. Have a look at the various photos on the website and you’ll quickly see what we mean.

Be aware of the myths about dealer servicing. Not only do we offer full manufacturer’s handbook servicing for new cars under warranty, we also have the best value servicing in Australia. Our service and repairs are covered by the Repco 20,000 km nationwide warranty. We use only top quality parts and have our experienced mechanics fit them rather than apprentices.

Our dyno-tuning service can simulate real world driving conditions, allow us to quickly troubleshoot and rectify problems and save you money.

Have you forgotten to service your car? We understand that with life and work commitments, your car service can be easily forgotten. Ask to become part of our scheduled servicing maintenance plan and we will notify you when your next service is due.

Fleet Services

We understand that maintaining your fleet is an essential part of running your business. We can maintain new and aging fleets as well as carry out log book servicing to manufacturers specification, allowing you to maintain dealer warranty. Interested in fleet services? Click here.

Taking into consideration factors such as costs, down time and safety we custom tailor scheduled service plans to suit you and your business needs. Tunehouse strives to provide the very best in quality of service and parts in a most cost effective manner to our customers.

As part of the nationwide Repco Authorised Service Network with its high quality demands you can be rest assured that your fleet is in the very best of hands. Our comprehensive car maintenance software allows us to carry out new car warranty servicing in accordance to manufacturers specifications. All parts used are as good as, if not better than the original specification of the manufacturers parts.

Regardless of the number of vehicles you have in your fleet, we can offer you a custom tailored fleet contract. These are not only designed to save you time and money but are specifically aimed at keeping your fleet on the road,  running in optimal condition and keeping repairs to a minimum.

We use proactive maintenance and scheduled servicing based upon your individual and business needs.

In order to proactively maintain your fleet, our clean and organised workshop is outfitted with a complete range of specialist diagnostic equipment. Your vehicles will be running efficiently meaning less pollution, better performance and improved fuel economy lowering running costs.

Call us on (02) 9557 4000 or email us at to arrange a plan today.

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